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What We Do

Equine Assisted Wellness provides mental health support and personal growth opportunities to individuals and groups.  

Our services are individually designed, by trained and experienced professionals, to meet your personal growth and mental health needs.  

We are a 501c3 not for profit program committed to making

sure everyone has access to the services we provide. 

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Equine Learning and Therapy

Equine Assisted Learning sessions are designed with your input to meet your personal growth goals. 

We walk you through exercises utilizing equine partners, sometimes with direct contact with the horse,

sometimes while they graze nearby.  

We will begin with a discussion about your goals and safe horse handling then create a plan together. 

We then put that plan into action.  Sessions may include leading your equine partner, grooming your equine partner, obstacle courses and activities in the arena with your equine partner, or simply sitting nearby the herd.  Other activities may include reading, mindfulness activities, games, or art; and are always meant to be fun and educational.

Therapy utilizes the same techniques, setting goals and designing sessions in collaboration with a therapist's input and oversight. 

Why Experiences with Horses

While experiences with many different types of animals may be calming and therapeutic,

Horses have senses and abilities that are unique.

Being a herd animal, horses are the hunted and not the hunter.  In order for horses to survive, they have fine tuned senses for changes in energy and emotion in others and in their surroundings.


Horses can hear another heartbeat from many feet away. They can signal us when your heart rate changes.  

 Scientists have learned that human heartbeats

will sync with a horse's heartbeat.  For example, a human heart rate will lower to match a horse who is peacefully grazing nearby.

Horses will respond to humans in predictable ways. 

If they sense our fear, confusion, stress, happiness, or calm, they will react in a way that we can see. 

A trained Equine Coach has learned to read the signals

a horse gives in their body language and behavior

and implement exercises specific

to the needs of a client.  

Why Horses cont....
These videos are all examples of what our program provides or aspires to.  We hope to have our own video very soon. 
Standards and Practices

Participant's experiences during Equine Assisted Activities

are our primary focus.

Safety is always top of mind while working with horses;  participant safety as well as the horse's safety.  


We continually strive to achieve best practices in all we do. 

We are informed of these best practices by the North American Horseman's Association and by PATH International, whom we plan to gain accreditationfrom once established. 

We comply with HIPPA regulations and keep all information concerning participants private.  Release of Information forms are required, when it is necessary. 

Above all, our goal is for participants to have a

fun and fulfilling experience.   

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