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We have been blessed to 
be given opportunities to share our program with the community.  We hope the next time will be to highlight our new, dedicated farm!  
Fox 47 News
April 9 ,2024

This is starting to be fun!  Facebook post by reporter the day before. answered by our board member, turned into an opportunity at the last minute.  This time the weather was perfect.  

WILX Studio 10
September 28,2023

Another surprise call.  Way more time to prepare, the weather was nice, and I had two years to practice talking about the program.  Fun to see the progress!  

So grateful for this opportunity!  I had just started advertising, our barn was still being built, I had two days to prepare for the interview, it was 90 degrees out that day.  Why long sleeves?  Well, human self-consciousness.  

Fox 47 News
May 22, 2021
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