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Ase the Foster Pony

The story of Ase and his journey to a new home is a charming read for children of any age.  

This is a story of hope and healing, in particular, for foster and adoptive children.    

Available for purchase on Amazon.

10% of each book sale will be donated, each year, to a chosen non profit serving foster and adoptive children.  

2023 Recipient
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Illustrations by Victoria Chapman

This was the first time Ase approached me freely and allowed me to give him a treat from my hand.  This took months of consistent trust building and patience.  I was SO thrilled, I had tears in my eyes. 

This is Ase and I today.  Ase has attended multiple weekends at Cowboy Christmas at the MSU Paviliton.  He has also participated in multiple trust building and confidence course sessions.  Recently, he allowed my husband  to halter him without running away!  We are a work in progress.  

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