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Ase was the beginning of the journey...

  • Having cared for horses from the time her children were in 4-H and Pony club, it was finally time for Pam to have her own equine partner to work with.  Ase was purchased in 2014.  

  • They spent the next two years working on trust building.  Ase was always just out of reach.  Had to be cornered to catch.  Bolted at the gate.  Closed down with anxiety on the lead rope.  Had to be taught how yummy peppermints were.  (See the "Our Equine Partners, Ase's book" page for more of his story.)  2017 brought opportunity to work with Kim Klein Veenstra of the "Mobile Confidence Course" and our breakthrough.    

  • From the beginning, Pam realized the similarity between the concepts of working with humans with trauma and horses with trauma and the idea to provide Equine Therapy bloomed.  

  • Pam engaged in Equine Assisted Coaching Association* training throughout 2019.   

  • Ase's book was published in 2020,

  • At the beginning of 2020, the Allen's moved to St Johns, MI and began offering Equine Assisted Learning to individuals at Broken Road Farm. 

  • Pam completed in person training hours at the end of 2021 and gained full certification as an Equine Assisted Coach with the Equine Assisted Coaching Association in January 2022.

  • Throughout 2022, Pam waited on a decision from the county zoning board for approval to continue operations at Broken Road Farm.  The application was denied.  The ponies were moved to a boarding barn in August.

  • Non-profit filing began in the fall of 2022 and was completed in early 2023.  The organization's Board of Directors was organized at this time.  

  • Programming for the community began in May 2023, reaching youth and adults in need of mental health support, social-emotional skill building, and youth at-risk on probation.  

  • In 2024, the organization continued the search for a dedicated space of it's own and  Programs for Single Parents and for Veterans were added.  


We are excited to begin this new chapter!  We welcome you to our program!    



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A personal note from the founder:


Who IS this person?  I recognize that I am new to the Clinton County Community.  Here is a bit about myself.

I was born in the Upper Peninsula and raised in Mid Michigan.  After obtaining an Assoc. in Applied Science from Ferris, I worked for ten years in allied health.  During this time, I gave birth to 3 amazing children and realized I was being called to work with families at risk.  I obtained my B.A. in Family Life Education while working in early childhood education.  I returned to obtain my M.A. in Family Relations.  My career in Family Preservation began in 2004 with Child Abuse Prevention Services in Ingham County.  My career, (in grant funded prevention programs) has taken me to Jackson, Eaton, Ingham, Gladwin, Clare, and now Clinton County.  My experiences in Family Mentoring, Adult Mental Heatlh, Foster Care Licensing, Adoption, and Child Advocacy have taught me much about  the human condition and the importance of acceptance and support of individuals and their personal journey.  

I also draw great strength and guidance from my deep faith in Jesus as my Savior, guide, and provider.  My personal journey has taken me through divorce, re-marriage, a walk with my veteran husband through three cancer treatments, through the experience of mother of two Marines, (including deployment,) through poverty, and through mental illness (my own and my family's) and through healing relationships. 

Each experience enriches my ability to work with people without judgement and with great compassion.  

I became aware of the growing mental health component to Equine Therapy while working with children in foster care.  Not coincidentally, it was during this time that I returned to working with horses; and my journey to establishing an Equine Assisted Learning Program began.  

Clinton County has had many wonderful Equine Therapy providers.  Unfortunately, until now, there has not been an organization dedicated to continuing on beyond the closing of these individually run programs.  It is my purpose and dream to establish a dedicated site for equine programs to grow and flourish into the future and serve the needs of our Clinton County neighbors.  

It is my sincere hope that you will join in this journey and support what we are building.  

                                                                   Yours in service, 

                                                                              Pamela Allen

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