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Our Equine Partners are important to us and to our work.  They are carefully chosen for their safe and steady personalities.  Each Equine Partner is treated with respect and only used when they have been given sufficient rest between Equine Assisted sessions.  Each horse receives regular hoof trims, vet checks, and vaccinations.    


Ase is my "heart horse".  He came to me with a history of "ACEs", what we call Adverse Childhood Experiences in family work.  

He was fearful of all humans and impossible to catch in the field.  It took many hours of gaining Ase's trust and learning how to interact with him to finally begin working together.  In this process, I recognized many similarities in my work with individuals in family preservation and with children who had experienced trauma.  

I have found as much personal healing working with Ase as he seems to have experienced with me.  

Not surprising, his name in Hebrew means "Healer".  

Ase has a book!  Follow this link to learn more:  



Miko is my driving pony.  He stands all of 44 inches tall but his personality is much bigger!  He is sweet natured, easy going, and loves to interact with humans.  

Miko's name means "child of- or one who resembles- God"

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